Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carrots and Crocs

Yesterday I posted photos of a loaf of bread I made.  It was the first yeast bread I've baked in Denmark, and I was rather happy with the results.  I adapted a recipe for white bread from an America's Test Kitchen cookbook.  Instead of all white bread flour, I added 1.5 cups of Grovhvede, which translates to course wheat, and has flecks of oats, flax, and other seeds.  The bread has a good flavor but is just a little too dense.  Next time, I would add even more wheat and try to figure out how to make the texture slightly lighter.

Tonight for dinner I made carrot soup and croc monsieur sandwiches.  For the carrot soup I adapted a recipe from 101 Cookbooks.  I used all the same ingredients but I only had bagged carrots, so I used those, and then I ran the soup through a food mill.  Instead of olive or an infused oil, I topped mine with a tiny bit of heavy cream.  It tasted good, but I thought the juice of a half-lemon gave it a slightly tart flavor.  Maybe my lemon was extra juicy, who knows.  For the croc monsieur I used my homemade bread, spread each slice with some heavy cream (you can also use creme fraiche or soy cream), a slice of black forest ham, and a slice of cheese (I used a sliced, white Danish cheese called Samso, but you can use practically anything you like that melts well under the broiler).  For dessert I put a digestive biscuit in the bottom of a ramekin, topped it with sliced strawberries, and poured a little bit of warm chocolate ganache on top.  

Tonight I will look at burger recipes and recipes for banana bread.  I have at least eight very ripe bananas that need attending to.  

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