Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ah, Chocolate

I just had to share my new favorite chocolate.  If you haven't tried it, and you enjoy sweet and salty, you must get your hands on a bar of Lindt - A touch of sea salt.  While I don't recall seeing it on the shelves in the U.S., perhaps I never looked closely enough (or it's possible it's a newly released flavor).  It's dark but for someone who typically enjoys 70% cocoa solids, at 47% this bar is more milk-chocolatey tasting.  As it melts in your mouth, you can taste little granules of sea salt... it's just subtle enough and, I might add, heavenly.  

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  1. Just when I got your other blog linked to mine, you have a new one! Though I agree, this topic is much more fun. I'm just excited to hear what you are up to - maybe you'll throw in a new picture of Anatole every once in a while for us.... He could be eating the bread if you want to stay on theme. =)

    I was in the Heart Center for bloodwork yesterday - good memories of our classes together TWO YEARS AGO!