Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Bread

It won't be surprising to know that I made more bread today. I have no idea how long my bread fixation will last, but I had to make this particular loaf because it was so easy to throw kneading and no rising involved! It's Norwegian Mountain Bread, and the recipe is from Nigella Lawson's book on baking (and she in turn got it from a half Norwegian friend). Basically you stir all the dry ingredients together in one bowl and in another you mix water and milk. At that point you add the wet to the dry, stir, and pour into a buttered loaf pan. Since it's still in the oven, I will share a photo next time.

I was inspired to make this recipe not only because I am on a bread kick, but I was in Norway over the Easter holidays (unlike the U.S. where you get no days off for Easter, most people here get at least three days paid). We spent four glorious days in the most beautiful little ski resort where we did as much cross country skiing as our bodies (and toddler) could stand. The meals at the resort are served buffet style, and as much as I enjoyed most of the food, some of it I found exotic. The Norwegians love their fish, let me tell you. They eat it cooked, pickled, smoked, cured, in pate, and in interesting looking salads that look mayonnaise or sour cream based. I played it safe with the cooked fish, delicious potato dishes, cooked vegetables, desserts (typically molded puddings, chocolate mouse, and fruit tarts) for dinner, and soft boiled eggs, fresh bread, butter, and jam for breakfast. I should be more daring, but hey, I know what I like. All in all, I would say I was most impressed by the quality of the bread, which is why I wanted to try to make my own.

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