Monday, January 25, 2010

A Quick and Super Easy Snack or Appetizer

Quick and easy, yes.  Healthy?  Nej, desvære, as they say in Danish.  But sometimes one is willing to make sacrifices if it means saving time and having something tasty to serve to friends.  And besides, these snack bites are so tiny you can pop as little or as many in your mouth as you wish.  But I warn you, they are habit forming.

To get a bowl of your own sweet or savory bites, it's simple.  Buy a package of puff pastry.  Start with one sheet and cut into strips 2" long by 1" wide (give or take a little).  Place a piece of whatever filling you fancy on top of a strip and fold dough around the filling.  Pinch lightly with your fingers to seal (even so, some come undone during baking, but no big deal).  Filling ideas:  dates, blue cheese, green olives, black olives, small pieces of bacon, or any combination thereof.  My husband taught me to make these and I first had them with bacon.  It's sort of like a super fancy version of pork rinds, and way tastier.  Bake at 450F for 15-20 minutes.  Watch carefully because they brown rapidly after the 10 or so minute mark (and ovens vary).

I have several posts in the queue but have been MIA lately because of the sick people in my house.  Question:  is it better to stay healthy or get sick right along with them?  I've managed to stay well and on one hand it's great but on the other it means taking care of every itsy bitsy, teeny tiny need of my family:  running to the store for more tissues, making pot after pot of tea, squeezing medicine into noses, applying Mentholatum to chests, listening to persistent hacking coughs and my husband putting my hand to his forehead and saying every five minutes "Do I feel hot?"

Back soon.

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