Monday, January 4, 2010


We made it back from France last night and were surprised to be greeted by close to five inches of snow.  Alan tried like a mad man to get the Berlingo up our ever so steep driveway, but no such luck.  The tires just kept spinning.  It's parked at the bottom and will stay there until the snow melts away.  All in all, we had an excellent vacation and are happy to be home again and starting a new year.  I always have such joy and excitement at the start of a new year.  There's that rush of adrenaline that says "Anything is possible."

I have much to report but will check back soon...after I've caught up on unpacking, putting away Christmas decorations, and, ugh, laundry.

I wish you a New Year filled with meaning, laughter, and peace!

p.s.  On vacation I devoured the December issue of Saveur magazine.  Ever read it?  I picked up a free copy on the airplane coming back from the U.S.  There's an article on Swedish Christmas sweets and breads (with loads of recipes) that I can't wait to save and take out next Christmas.

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