Monday, January 18, 2010

Days of the Week

I will be back soon with food info, but today I'm home with a sick toddler who's picked up pink eye a third time.  ugh.  Since I am in toddler world today, a little anecdote from two and a half-year-old Anatole.

Keeping in mind that today is Monday:

Me:  Anatole, please clean up your toys now.

Anatole:  Not now, later.

Me:  When?  After your nap?

Anatole:  No, Saturday.

We had quite a discussion about why it's not okay to leave our toys strewn all over the house for five days.


  1. Too funny! Please let me know if you receive this comment. I don't think they get to you. Anatole is a riot. Good luck on that life lesson!!! hugs...Gaga

  2. Hi Mom, yes, I got it! Your first "recorded" comment. Hugs to you and Buppa. Love, sis

  3. Kids are so funny sometimes:-) You should try to find a black plastic bag and tell Anatole that if he doesn´t clean up his toys, you´re going to put it in the bag and then he can only get it back on Saturday. If he forgets about the toy put it away ´cause he´s probably tired of it anyways. Good way to find out which toys they don´t really care that much about.They ones he does ask about he can get on the Saturday. Works very well with my kids.

  4. Kira, that's genius! Thanks for the idea. :-)