Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Game of Blog Tag - Questions Answered

My friend Gitte over at My Danish Kitchen tagged me in the "blog tag" game, so without further ado, here are my answers to Gitte's questions:

1.   If your house was destroyed and you could only rescue one kitchen utensil from your kitchen, which one would it be?
Nightmare! I guess if I had to choose, it would be my Global chef's knife.

2.   What is your favorite Holiday? and why?
Christmas.  I love the tree, decorations, baking gingerbread and sugar cookies, and watching my son on Christmas morning.

3.   What is your favorite go to dish, to cook or bake?
If we're talking savory, then it's soup.  If it's sweet then it has to be chocolate chip cookies. 

4.   When you need a little me-time how do you prefer to relax?
On the couch with a good book, magazine, or flipping through recipes.

5.   What type of food or dish are you the most intimidated by?
In terms of cooking, it's food from the Far East.  It's some of the best cuisine on the planet, but my Far East cooking repertoire consists of stir-fry and sushi rolls.

6.   How close do you live now from where you were born?
Far.  I was born in Salem, Oregon, USA.  I have to travel thousands of miles and take at least two planes to get there from Denmark, my home for the past two years.

7.   If the world was your oyster and time and money were of no concern, where in the world would you like to travel to?
So many places.  Russia, Vietnam, the islands in the South Pacific, and Auckland, NZ, to visit my friend Sonja.

8.   Why did you start blogging?
Writing and cooking are forms of therapy and relaxation for me. I couldn't live without either one.  My blog is a fun way to share my travels, favorite recipes, and interesting food finds.  

Thanks for the fun questions, Gitte!  I guess it's my turn to come up with my own list of bloggers to tag back.  


  1. Hi there. I've been reading Gitte's My Danish Kitchen since a friend sent her link to me a few weeks ago. I just saw your link and was happy to see another American here in dreary little Denmark. Hope the sun is shining in your corner- her in Hillerød it's wet, windy and makes me miss snowy western NY :)


  2. Hi Cait, thanks for your message! How long have you been in Denmark? And I guess I need to look where Hillerød is...are you in Jutland? I think we've had maybe oh, 5 minutes of sun today. ugh!

  3. I know how the lack of sunshine can be. I remember one year we were back home in Denmark for 2 weeks and at the end the sun was shining for maybe 10 minutes and my husband and son was running to the window to soak it up, poor guys :\
    So Staci, you can make Sushi. Wow I'm impressed. Nice to get to know you better.