Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dave's Killer Bread brings you Sin Dawg

Don't you just love the name Sin Dawg?  Too bad I ate half of it before remembering to take a photo.  And the pity of it all is that I didn't even snap a shot of what it looks like sliced.  Full of gooey, cinnamony goodness, that's what.

Sin Dawg is the creation of Dave's Killer Bread, an all-natural bread company in Portland, OR.  Founder Dave Dahl has quite a story of his own, which I will get to, but first more about the Sin Dawg.  You know those sickeningly sweet cinnamon rolls that we (and by we I mean the average suburban American) bought at shopping malls in the 1980s and 90s? Well, the Sin Dawg is an updated, tastier, and much healthier version of that cloying mess.  The whole-grain dough is seedy, chewy and the perfect contrast to the ultra sweet (but not overly so) interior.

My parents are also big fans of Dave's other breads and regularly buy a variety of his grainy loaves, some of which include spelt, nuts, and omega-3s.  And with names like Killer Rockin' Rye, Robust Raisin, and Killer Blues Bread, just to name a few, who can resist?

Dave is a man on a mission.  After years of living a life of crime, which included drug addiction and time in prison, Dave turned his life around and landed in the bread business.  His story is the stuff American dreams are made of, and you can read more here.

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