Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We are lucky to live close to one of only four sacred Viking treasures in Denmark. Close enough that we rode our bikes there for a visit. What an experience. The highlight for me was an old, old, old Viking oven in which bread and other goodies are baked to share with visitors. One of the "Viking women", dressed in authentic Viking costume, presented me with a bread roll hot from the oven. I'm not exactly sure if the Vikings ate this particular kind of bread--it was a dense little loaf with many different grains that I'm not so sure they had access to in Viking times--but I loved the chewy, nutty, and rich flavors and texture. We finished our tour just as the center was closing for the day or I would have asked for more details and the recipe.

Part of the Viking village has been reconstructed, but other parts are original. There is also a terrific museum where you can try on one of those battle shirts made of silver chains (heavy!), a war helmet and, if you fancy, brandish a sword. And what museum isn't complete without a creepy--real-looking but--fake person? Here there's a Viking man made entirely of carved wood. Impressive.

Perhaps most impressive is that every July families move into the village to live as Vikings. Visitors can see these families involved in their daily routines and facing the joys and challenges of life during the Viking period.


  1. It sounds like a great visit. We just might want to go there next time we come to visit. I love museums like that where people dress up. I´m pretty sure the bread was a more or less authentic viking bread. The vikings grew lots of different grains: rye, barley, wheat, oats and hemp:-)

  2. Hi Kira,

    Thanks for the historical clarification, teacher..and my favorite Danish friend!

  3. Hi!

    Great blog! Where is this? I am very interested in going once I finally make it to Denmark!



  4. Hi Gabriela. This is right outside of Hobro, DK. You should definitely soak up some Viking culture if you have a chance!