Monday, February 21, 2011

Coconut Pyramids

The pile of papers to grade is sitting to my left.  There's plenty of piles of laundry waiting, too.  And after just returning from a week of skiing in Norway, there is gear to put away and pictures to upload.  But for now, I am happy to forget it all and tell you about these sweet little coconut gems.

Not only can you pull the dough together in five minutes flat, you can have a batch (approximately 24) of delicious treats in the time it takes to clean the bathroom or watch an episode of Diary of a Foodie.  I think I know which activity I'd rather do.

Coconut Pyramids
1.5c/200g unsweetened coconut
1c/125g almond flour
1/2c/50g sifted all purpose flour
1c/397g (small can) sweetened condensed milk
1 whole vanilla bean


Preheat oven to 325F/175C

1.  Place milk in a small bowl.  Add the scraped seeds of the vanilla bean and mix well.

2.  Place all dry ingredients in a large bowl and stir until combined.

3.  Add milk mixture to the dry ingredients and stir well.  The mixture will be thick and quite stiff.

4.  Using your hands and small spoonfuls of dough, shape the mix into pyramids.  You will note that some of my pyramids are smooth and some are nubby.  That's because I manhandled the smooth shapes and used more water during the shaping process.  The nubby version received minimal manhandling.  I like that word.  I like the word nubby, too.

5.  Bake pyramids on a parchment lined baking sheet for 10-14 minutes, depending on your oven.  You want a pyramid with a golden brown top and edges.

6.  Optional:  dip pyramid bottoms in melted dark chocolate.


  1. I dont think it is such a great idea following your blog, lol, after seeing all the tasty treats! What have I done?

  2. Hi Norma, thanks for following! I checked out your blog, too. Great start!

  3. These look super delicious, looks a little like a coconut macaroon.