Friday, February 25, 2011

Blueberry Clafoutis

We're far from blueberry season, but when I saw a lovely jar of organic, wild blueberries, I immediately added it to the shopping cart.  I drained the berries and used them in one of my family's favorite desserts: the French Clafoutis.

Clafoutis is a cross between a custard and a cake.  It's not overly sweet and makes the perfect ending to a rich lunch or dinner.  Some also eat it as a snack or for breakfast.  An 8" pan feeds 4-6.

Blueberry Clafoutis
Inspired by Chocolate and Zucchini

1/4c /55g butter
2-3c fresh or canned blueberries (350 - 500g)
1/2c /60g flour
1/3c /50g almond flour (or whole blanched almonds)
1/2c /100g sugar
1T cornstarch
3 large eggs
pinch salt
3/4c /185ml milk

Preheat oven to 350F /180C


1.  Grease a square 8" glass or ceramic baking dish with 1T of the butter.

2.  Melt the rest of the butter and set aside to cool.

3.  In a food processor mix the almond and regular flour until well combined.

4.  Add sugar, cornstarch, salt, and mix again.

5.  Crack the eggs in one by one, mixing well after each.

6.  Pour in butter and milk.

7.  Pour half of the fruit in the bottom of the baking dish.  Gently fold the rest of the fruit into the batter.  Carefully pour batter into the baking dish.

8.  Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.  Be careful not to overbake.

To add a touch of fancy, sift powdered sugar over the top.  Or enjoy as is.  May also be served with a dollop of whipped cream or sweetened sour cream.


  1. I tried a cherry clafoutis this past summer. It turned out to be a disaster. I'll have to give it another shot :) Yours look wonderful.

  2. Hi Gitte, you are not the only one! I recently doubled my recipe for clafoutis and cooked it in a 9x13" pan. I baked it longer thinking it needed more time...wrong!! It was way too dry and didn't taste all that great, either.

  3. I really want to make this. I have a 2lb clamshell of blueberries that I got at Costco. The only problem is the almond flour, I don't have any, I'll have to go get some.

  4. You know, Andrea, you could try it without the almond flour. Just compensate with a little more flour. It should work just fine. And if you have any raw almonds on hand you could put them in a blender or food processor and make your own.