Friday, December 10, 2010

Danish Knækbrød

I'm sugared out.  To change things up, I made my first ever batch of Danish Knækbrød, a cross between a cracker and bread.  I lifted the recipe from the bulletin board at the school where I work, and there is no source attributed.  Perhaps it is because cracker bread is so common in Denmark (and throughout Scandinavia) that people need help with the quantities but the ingredients are a given.  To me it is a new and exciting find, one that I imagined would be difficult but is really very easy to produce.

Seeds and whole grains are our friends, and I love the fact that cracker bread has both.  It's healthy, hearty, and goes equally well with a sweet (Nutella or jam) or savory (salty butter and a slice of meat) topping.  A piece on its own is just as satisfying.  If you want to ramp up the healthy factor, a half cup of shredded carrots would be an excellent addition.

Danish Knækbrød

1dl...1/2c old fashioned oats
1dl...1/2c sesame seeds
1dl...1/2c flax seeds
1dl...1/2c sunflower seeds
1dl...1/2c pumpkin seeds
3.5dl...11/2c flour (I used half spelt and half whole-wheat)
2dl...1c water
1.5dl...2/3c oil (I used a scant 2/3c of canola but olive oil would be good, too)
1tsk...1t salt
1tsk...1t baking powder

1.  Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.  If dough is too sticky, add a little more flour.

2.  Divide in three equal parts.

3.  Roll each part as flat and as thin as possible (approx. 1/8") between two layers of parchment paper.

4.  Score with a knife in cracker sized slices and bake at 200C...400F for 15-20 minutes.

Note:  I forgot to score the crackers before baking and simply cut in slices when they were cool.

Store in an airtight container.


  1. Hi! Nice timing. I am going to make cookies and crackers for stocking stuffers and the pakkespil gifts. I've never made crackers, and I love this stuff.

    I will likely steal, I mean borrow, some other recipes you've got listed here, too.

  2. Hey Claudia! Great to hear from you. I think you will like this recipe and find it a cinch to make. Thanks for visiting my site, and happy holidays!

  3. Good ol Knækbrød. I eat it for lunch when I'm at work but I've never had homemade. Sounds easy and delicious.