Friday, August 27, 2010

Scandinavian Cheese and Crackers

When my friend Jackie visited Norway and Sweden over the summer, she returned to Denmark with two very special gifts:  cheese and crackers.  But not just any cheese and crackers.

The cheese is from Norway.  On the package it says "Gudbrandsdalen, a Norwegian specialty.  Mixed creamy whey cheese made with goat's milk and cow's cream, based on an original recipe from 1863."

When you open the package you are met with what looks like a giant-sized caramel.  You know, the Kraft kind.  What's interesting is that the cheese actually has a slightly sweet taste not completely unlike that of a caramel.  But more important is the way that the sweet mixes with the salty, and the creamy texture melts in your mouth.

The color might be off-putting to some, but if you can get past it, this is a truly unique cheese that easily could become addictive.  It's good with crackers, yes, but also with slices of crisp apple or pear.  Jackie and I were wondering if there are any recipes that you could make with it, but I haven't had a chance to do any research.

And don't you just love the packaging on the Swedish crackers?  I was hesitant to open it for fear of ruining the packaging.  The crackers themselves are typical Scandinavian:  dense, crisp, and very healthy tasting.

I am grateful to Jackie for these wonderful gifts and suppose a road trip will be in order once I deplete my supply.


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  2. Oh, my gosh – I hadn't even seen this before! How fun that you put these things up on the blog – you just completely made my day. I wish I could be the one to go get you more myself when you run out (although with the size of that Knäckebrød, who knows when that would be!)... I miss you a ton. Thank you so much for highlighting the cheese and crackers!