Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Holidays in Food Part III

After Croatia, we spent two days in Venice before heading to Vanoise National Park in the French Alps where we met up with Alan's Dad and camped in a little village called Champagny-le-Haut.  Over the course of four days we hiked, cooked, had two spectacular dinners at the campground's restaurant (who would think a campground restaurant could be so good...but then it is France), and enjoyed the breathtaking sights.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me to the restaurant, but here are some sights of the mountains as well as Anatole making his special "camp soup."

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  1. Slovenia, Croatia, Venice, French Alps,... I'm going to have to stop reading before the jealousy consumes me! Actually, I can't wait to see what's next. Love Anatole making that soup - a budding chef already. And the pictures of him with Alan's dad are precious - you can tell they have a special bond and loving connection formed back when Anatole was just a baby.