Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unique French Fries - Legoland 2010

Two weekends ago we visited one of Denmark's most notable attractions:  Legoland.  We met up with our friends Liz and Ole and their kids.  Our two families hung out and toured the sites for more than seven straight hours.  I was impressed that a pair of two-year olds and a six-year old could have that kind of stamina.

Legoland truly is a magical place that's worth every kroner of the admission price.  There are lots of rides, tons and tons of extraordinary lego sculptures, an aquarium, movie theater, and more.

Most of all, there is Lego food.  Exhibit A:  french fries...that you can actually use to build stuff.  These Lego people are not only creative geniuses, but clever in the marketing department, too.  To warm us up on what was one heck of a rainy, dreary day, Liz picked up hot chocolate for all of us.  She said the coffee shop also sells chocolates in the shape of Lego blocks.  I wanted to run over and buy some, but the attractions were calling...

I should probably also mention that any Danish theme park or outdoor festivity would not be complete without bread roasting.  It cracks me up. And that photo of the orange train car, second from the bottom?  I'm clueless!


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  2. What an awesome place! You know it's fun when everyone is smiling in dreary weather. But I think the picture of the orange train car is priceless! Thanks for my morning chuckle.

  3. Maybe this will help with the orange car...
    "Hump Yard: A yard where gravity and powered switches sort incoming trains onto correct tracks. DO NOT HUMP signs are placed on cars that must not use a hump yard because of cargo restrictions or car age."

  4. Hi Patti, well aren't you something! Who knew! Thanks for clearing up the mystery!!

  5. I wish I had noticed the "DO NOT HUMP" car when I was at Legoland! :P

    I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog. I'll be moving to Copenhagen to start my Master's program at KU in 2011, and it's nice to see another American enjoy life in Denmark so much. :)