Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eating out in Berlin

We just got back from a long weekend in Berlin.  Alan had been before, but it was my first visit.  Let me start by saying, What a city! Perhaps it's because I live in semi-rural Denmark and am constantly city-deprived, but I really fell in love with the German capital city.  How can you not go crazy over a city with a 600-acre park smack dab in the center?  And the history of East/West Germany is fascinating.

I have more to say (and show) about Berlin but  thought I would share just how much I appreciated eating dinner at some excellent ethnic restaurants.  The first night it was Greek food in a tiny taverna; next was a Nepalese/Indian restaurant that had the best momos, or Nepalese dumplings.  And isn't it fun to say the word "momo?"  Anatole was thrilled with the wide array of children's books for restaurant patrons--a few in English, too.

The day after that we enjoyed lamb kebabs at one of the oldest Turkish establishments in the Kreuzberg district.  Fantastic food.

On our last night it was a toss up between traditional German fare and fish and chips and Guinness at a charming Irish pub called Lir.  The pub won out, and the fish and chips were no regrets.

Another highlight of the trip was shopping at an Asian grocery store and bringing home things I could never dream of finding within a 100-kilometer radius of my town, if at all in Denmark.  The evening we arrived home I turned the buckwheat soba noodles into a delicious meal with stir-fried tofu and veggies.

Also, at the Asian market next to the checkout, I picked up a small cellophane bag containing little dumplings with sweet mungbean inside.  It was so fun to try something foreign, and the bonus is that they were delicious.

It's worth mentioning that the cost of eating out in Berlin is very affordable.  The average price for two entrees and two glasses of wine or beer was 23 euros (for dinner).  It feels like a pretty big score when you can eat great food and spend less than 25 euros at the same time.  I don't know about other parents of toddlers out there, but most of the time Anatole shares what we order.  He just tends to eat so little for dinner that it doesn't make sense to buy him his own entree.  

Thank you, Berlin, for the good food, lush, green trees virtually everywhere you turn, and lots of amazing spots for sightseeing.


  1. we are lucky to have alot of really great grocery stores here in Aalborg :) I love Berlin!there's so much history.

  2. Thanks, Line. I need to drive to Aalborg and check that out!