Monday, February 8, 2010

Postcard: Mariager, Denmark

Note:  our MacBook is being shipped off today for a couple of minor repairs.  I will do my best to post on my Dell although it's definitely become my use-only-in-case-of-emergency computer.  Alan and I have been PC users for so many years, but just about this time last year we welcomed a Mac into our lives and have been head over heels ever since.

Last October we took a short drive to a nearby town known for its picturesque, cobble stone streets, vintage train, and colorful old buildings.  Mariager is a lovely little locale with as many layers as an onion.  Street after street reveals unparalleled charm and beauty.  Although the photos are terribly out of season at this point--and we did not eat anything on our visit (sorry food fans)--, I thought some of you might enjoy a peek at the non-food side of old, historic Denmark. Personally, I find it exquisite.  In case you are wondering what the sign says, the handmade wood garden frame is on sale for the equivalent of $100.  But first and foremost, I thought the first sign translated to "Be careful of the train."  But when I just double checked the translation it's saying "Passport on the train."  Dear Danish friends: help!


  1. Lovely photos:-) Your first translation of "Pas paa Toget" is the right one.

  2. Thanks, Kira. Sometimes a dictionary and/or Google Translate is NOT a girls best friend. :-)

  3. ahhh my homeland! I envy you :) Nothing beats a stroll through the streets and countryside of Denmark. Except the food of course!