Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peep Hearts

Have I told you about my friend Ann in New Jersey who sends me Peeps at every holiday?  She's been doing it for years.  I've received every shape and flavor of Peeps imaginable, all thanks to my good friend who I've nicknamed the Queen of Care Packages.  She rocks.  Just look at what I got for Valentine's Day this year.  Am I lucky or what?  I guarantee you these are NOT items available in Denmark.  By the way, the gummy hearts are incredible, so if you have a Trader Joe's nearby, pick up a bag.


  1. Hi it's your cousin Andrea here. I love your blog! I was just at Trader Joes an hour ago and saw those. I thought "I am not a fan of gummy things so I will not love those" however I am a fan of Cherry flavored things. I guess I will have to make my way back to pick some up.
    Hope things are going well for you.

  2. Andrea! Where have you been all my life?! :-)
    It's the best surprise ever to hear from you. Yes, you should definitely give the cherry gummy hearts a try. Thanks for writing.

  3. I will definitely pick some up before it's too late. I love your blog. You are a very talented baker/cook. Your food looks so good and I love your photos. We should exchange e-mail addresses so we can keep in touch and share photos of our kids. Talk to you later.

  4. Thanks, Andrea. Would love to catch up on email and see photos of your kids. I can send you some of my kid, too. :-) I'm on gmail sbmenardatgmail.com.