Friday, July 3, 2009

Watching the clock

Okay, I have two hours before I have to run to the post office, gas up the car, and pick up the family to officially begin our summer vacation. I should be packing snacks, finishing the laundry, and making sure Anatole has his favorite toys in the car. What am I doing instead? Getting my last post in because darn it, I'm going to miss my daily musings about food. In fact, I might just post twice today because there's two items I want to share before I take off.

First let's talk about cherries. A couple days ago, while weeding our gigantic yard (no grass but LOTS of bushes, trees, and more weeds than you've ever laid eyes on), I stumbled upon the most spectacular surprise: an enormous cherry tree. In our yard! I have never been so excited. To have a beautiful, fruit baring tree in my own yard has always been on my wish list.

Although I picked a bunch today they're not as ripe as I was hoping for. The bummer is that we will miss their peak ripeness while we're away. I'll cross my fingers that there will be some left when we return the first week in August but that's probably hoping for too much. Can you say cherry pie?

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