Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cleaning out the fridge

Don't forget the small happinesses while you wait for the big ones

For the first time in my 36-year-old life I get a 4-week vacation. The most I've ever had is two weeks, and No, maternity leave is NOT a vacation. While I haven't been working my butt off like Alan to truly deserve this much anticipated respite, I'm taking it anyway. I can't wait. And besides, being unemployed and searching for work is a job in itself. We leave tomorrow and will drive south through Germany and make our way to the west coast of France. We'll be there a week and then we'll head east for the Alps where Alan grew up. Keep your fingers crossed that we survive the 14-hour trip with a 23 month old! We are forever indebted to our dagplege mor (daycare mom) Inger for loaning us their spare auto DVD player.

In terms of my blog and food, the good news is that I will be gathering incredible experiences to share at some future point; the bad news is that we won't have Internet access so I will miss my frequent blog updates. But really, isn't a vacation with no Internet a good thing? So, for the next four weeks, I won't be eating in Denmark at all. I guess I've been inspired by the trip because I've nearly finished reading Suite Francaise (exceptional) and will bring My Life in France by Julia Child to start as soon as possible. I've heard it's fantastic. I really love the notion that Julia didn't start cooking or attend Cordon Bleu until her late thirties. What an inspiration.

Now for our current meal plan. It's been tough this week trying to think of things to fix that incorporate random perishables. Last night I made a sort of pasta carbonara without bacon and with feta cheese instead of Parmesan. It wasn't bad. Then I grated all the carrots sitting in fridge and added some currants to make a side salad. Years ago I would have been disgusted by this mix, but it's actually very tasty.

I have no idea what I'll be making tonight, but, apart from condiments and peanut butter, here's what's left in my fridge: milk, eggs, butter, celery, some deli meat, cheddar cheese, apples, dill, parsley, a green pepper, and yogurt. I'm thinking some sort of quiche for dinner, but no way can I incorporate all of the above. Ew. But I could use the eggs, deli meat, green pepper, cheddar, dill and parsley, perhaps, as well as the butter in the crust. Then I could make an apple and celery salad and serve yogurt for dessert. Problem solved. It's fun working my thoughts out here, although not very interesting to anybody else, I'm sure.

Have a fantastic summer!

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  1. Enjoy your trip! What a great adventure and a true "vacation" to have the luxery of time to enjoy your travels. All that driving could be brutal, but if you're not in a rush, you could find yourself stumbling upon cool sites (or at least crazy stories), as you make those needed rest/stretch/run off the energy stops.

    Funny Note: I read your list of ingredients and was thinking - egg scramble! before even reading your quiche plan. Eggs are a great catch-all.