Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Livø Island, Denmark

A few weekends ago we visited one of the most delightful places we've seen in Denmark.  A little island called Livø where no cars or dogs are allowed and only nine people reside year round, four of whom are school children.  We took a passenger ferry over (just people on foot and bike, no cars) and spent a wonderful afternoon exploring the island's beauty.  Livø is here, only 50 or so kilometers from our house in Hobro:

On the ferry and nearing the island

Our first view of the island

Typical Danish picnic food:  grilled hotdogs

Mirabelle Plum Trees

More mirabelles


State Controlled Organic (Økologisk) Symbol

An old cattle barn

Striped mane

All the hike markers are engraved stones

We found two lookout towers on opposite ends of the island

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