Thursday, March 25, 2010

Struer, Denmark: Good Times

Last weekend we visited our good friends Liz and Ole in Struer (see maps below).  Liz is a fellow American who I met through one of Alan's pub friends.  She's married to Ole, a wonderful Danish fellow, and together they have two beautiful offspring, Christian and Emma.  Emma is just a couple weeks older than Anatole, so it's fun to watch the two of them playing side by side and eyeing each other.  Christian is six, and Anatole is in complete awe of him and his cool toys.  We also spent the evening with another great couple, Maela and Marc, yet another international pairing:  Maela is the product of Italian parents but raised in Belgium.  Marc is from Switzerland.  We know them through Liz and Ole who work at the same company as Marc and Maela.  Did you get all that?  There will be a quiz later.

Struer [upper left] is west of Randers and north ofHolstebro, on Denmark's Jutland peninsula.

—  Municipality  —

The evening was a total blast.  Great food, tons of laughs, and non-stop chatter.  What's more, Liz prepared the most gorgeous and delicious dessert that I'm still dreaming about.  It was simple but good.

In the Danish supermarkets you can buy little chocolate cups and put in whatever filling you fancy. In terms of size, they're slightly smaller than a paper muffin liner and made with excellent quality dark chocolate. Liz scooped in vanilla ice cream and added caramel topping.  Served alongside fresh fruit, it was one of those desserts that has just enough good-for-you components to forget about the high-calorie parts.  I wish I could remember the name of the little yellow fruits that look like cherry tomatoes.  They're sweet and a little bit tart, too.


  1. I´m sure you guys must have had a great time. I´m so sad I missed out on the last girl´s night out. Those girls were so much fun:-)
    The dessert does look good. The berries are called "ananas kirsebær" (pineapple cherries)in Danish. I looked them up and apparently there are many different names for them in English.Here´s what I got from wikipedia: Physalis peruviana has a variety of names, known in English as golden berry (South Africa, U.K.), cape gooseberry, giant ground cherry, Peruvian groundcherry, Peruvian cherry (U.S.), poha (Hawaii), jam fruit (India), uvilla (Ecuador), uchuva (Colombia) and physalis.

  2. Hi Kira! I'm trying to find a date in June to host the next girls night out here in Hobro, so stay tuned. :-) Thanks so much for the info on the ananas kirsebær. I do believe I've never seen them in my part of the U.S. Too bad because they're quite good. We need to catch up!

  3. I´m getting excited already!!! Don´t have any plans in June so far:-)
    We definately need to catch up. Maybe you guys can come visit sometime next month - or the month after. Have a great trip to Norway:-)