Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turns out, I don't mind seeing a pig slaughtered

This past weekend I traveled to a wonderful place in Denmark called Hjerl Hede. If you are not Danish, don't even think about trying to pronounce it correctly.

Hjerl Hede is an open air museum with many different buildings, stables, recreation areas, and more that mimic Danish life in the old days. Even though my toes were frozen for the better part of three hours, it is without a doubt one of the best and most interesting experiences I've had in Denmark. We went with our friends Kira and Kevin and their children Freya and Anton. The place was packed because Hjerl Hede is closed from November through March but opens up for three special weekends in December to celebrate Christmas, old-fashioned Danish style.

I was absolutely amazed by the sight of a real live pig being slaughtered, and all the steps that were involved using techniques that would now be considered archaic. I wasn't sure I would be up for seeing all the blood and guts, but I had a hard time pulling myself away. So fascinating. Even the kids were into it.

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