Thursday, October 22, 2009

Danish Organic Market

A couple weeks ago we stopped in at the annual Økologisk Marked here in Hobro. We sampled different artisan cheeses, the most amazing pink apple juice I've ever tasted (but at $7 a quart, not very wallet-friendly), chocolates, yogurt, and more--all organic and made in Denmark. There were meat and fish vendors, companies selling kids clothes made with organic cotton, and a woman selling the most vibrant varieties of wool yarn. We left with two blocks of cheese and a package of smoked sausage links.

In front of the building was an old-fashioned apple press where anybody who brought their own apples could press juice and bottle it in whatever stray plastic or glass bottles they brought along from home.

We were delighted to participate in such a fun, charming, and worthwhile event. Anatole took special interest nearby in the boats being loaded onto big semi trucks to be taken away and stored for the winter.

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  1. Hey Staci! Those colors of yarn look awesome! Your mom probably told you I was starting to knit. I think I'm getting pretty good at it. Me and a friend might try your Buckeye's and mix them into our "Holiday Treat Plates!" Thanks!

    Lynn Shuman