Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A short rant and plum clafoutis

My father-in-law is visiting and last night for dessert he made the most delicious clafoutis with plums picked for free from a nearby tree. I simply can't get over how many apple, pear, and plum trees there are in this town, not to mention cherries and blackberries. What's more, many people here leave their trees full, unpicked and then, when the ripe fruit falls to the earth, either throw it in the composter or trash. I cannot fathom why anybody in their right mind would waste this kind of fresh, organic fruit but then I'm also the one racing all over town to snatch up as much free fruit as I can find. I hate to overly emphasize the free part, but honestly supermarket fruit is pricey and it feels like such a score to gather up a bucket full of plums, like I did the other day. Nevermind the cost, the taste beats store bought any day.

My father-in-law used a French recipe, but since I don't have time to translate at the moment, here is a link to another recipe for plum clafoutis.

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